Brut Rosè RosaeRosarumRosis

Sparkling Rosè Wine

Pinot Nero 100%

Bright rosy color. Intense nose of wild berries, the black cherry typical of Pinot noir stands out in the finish. Lively, full-bodied and rounded on the palate, with a slightly tannic finish that balances the sweetness.

12% VOL

Esposizione e terreno

Vineyard arranged upright, according to a North – South orientation; the terrain is called Flysch, a sedimentary complex of marl and sandstone of Eocene origin.

Informazioni sul vigneto

Vineyard dating back to 1999, it was trained in Guyot with a very dense planting density of 7,000 vines per hectare.

Resa: 7,000 kg per hectare equal to 5,000 liters.
Vendemmia: The harvest is manual in small wagons.


The whole grapes are pressed and de-stemmed, macerated for 24 hours on the skins. from the soft and long pressing the must is obtained which statically decants cold. The first fermentation by selected yeasts is controlled at a temperature of 18 ° C. The second fermentation takes place in an autoclave where the sparkling wine refines for 5 months on the yeast lees.


Excellent as an aperitif, it goes well with cooked and kren, lard from colonnata, to be dared also with salami and soppressa.

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